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Fukushima Trade Promotion Council

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Organization Overview

Name Fukushima Trade Promotion Council
Establishment September 1994
(The name renewed in April 2008, from the former Fukushima International Economic Exchanges Promotion Council)
Our Mission Fukushima Trade Promotion Council (formerly known as Fukushima International Economic Exchanges Promotion Council) was established in September 1994, as an organization that works together with the enterprises, the prefectural government, municipalities, and economic organizations based in Fukushima prefecture, in the aim of offering comprehensive support to the entrepreneurs based in the prefecture with their global economic exchanges and overseas business activities. Since April 2008, we have strengthened supporting on trade promotion and development of global markets of the regional products produced in Fukushima prefecture.
Promoting trade expansion
We offer our regional products to local business partners in Asia and organize business meetings and events in order to develop overseas markets of the products produced in Fukushima prefecture.
Supporting international economic exchanges
We offer support to our members in food and craft manufacturing business who travel overseas for business meetings and promotions.
Developing human resources, disseminating information
We provide training courses for global business and support for development of global human resources. Besides, we organize and hold several seminars through a year, inviting the specialists from a field of economic exchanges in which the members of Fukushima Trade Promotion Council have high interests.
Public Relations
We disseminate and update helpful information on our website.
Membership Those enterprises, organizations, municipalities, the prefectural government, based in Fukushima prefecture and agreed with the purpose of the Fukushima Trade Promotion Council.
*229 members enrolled as of March 31, 2022.
Officials Officials
Regulation Fukushima Trade Promotion Council Regulation (PDF)

Fukushima Trade Promotion Council

2-16 Sugitsuma-cho, Fukushima City, Fukushima Pref., JAPAN, 960-8057
TEL +81-24-521-7874
FAX +81-24-521-7888

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